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Aventure.2 e-Bike in Commerce City

With your choice of Slate or Grey, the Aventure.2 e-bike is sure to turn heads out on the Commerce City streets and trails. With innovative technology such as our torque sensor incorporated in our Aventon e-bikes for sale, your e-bike will pinpoint your pedaling rhythm and help to amplify your output. This results in both preserving your battery charge and prolonging your riding radius. For a Commerce City seller you can trust, turn to our Aventon e-bike store today!

The Biking Necessities You Didn’t Know You Needed

With 4 levels of amazing pedal assist, you won’t have to worry about going up those steep hills on your way to the Commerce City market. Our pedal assist combined with our 4” tires is sure to keep you moving, even on those tough Commerce City trails. Our suspension fork, top performing motor, and comfortable seating will leave you breathless from excitement. When you opt for our fleet of Aventon e-bikes for sale at Arvada EBikes, you’re given the power you need while keeping the overall ride as natural as possible. For an exciting mode of transportation, turn to our Aventon e-bike store in Commerce City.

Eliminate Your Carbon Footprint by Buying an Aventon E-Bike

Since our Aventon e-bikes for sale don’t produce the same emissions that other Commerce City vehicles do, you can feel good that you’re doing your part to help the ecosystem when you buy an Aventon e-bike. Our electric bicycles use lithium ion batteries, so while you’re riding around Commerce City, you’re eliminating typical pollutants used by motorcycles and other gas vehicles. It’s said that using an alternative transportation mode, such as our amazing e-bikes, can save nearly 500 lbs. of carbon emissions annually. Do your part for the Commerce City community and visit our Aventon e-bike store today!

See What Our Aventure.2 Can Do!

Our Aventure.2 continues to impress the Commerce City community with its top of the line features. Easily reaching a top speed of 28 mph and ranging up to 60 miles on a single charge, you can experience Commerce City like never before when you choose Arvada EBikes for your next purchase. Not to mention, the payload capacity maxes out at 400 lbs., and buying an Aventon e-bike will provide you with the ability to connect your phone via app to our amazing electric bikes. Our fenders and rear racks will ensure you have a safe trip, while our backlit LCD display will show you your pedal assist level, distance traveled, and other important metrics you’re sure to enjoy.

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